Aquila Reclining Bath Lift

Aquila Reclining Bath Lift

The Aquila reclining bath lift is a robust bath lift that is light and easy to move and position. The Aquila has a backrest that reclines at the touch of a button. The Aquila is also hygienic and easy to clean. This bath lift is safe and stable, enabling you to relax again at bath times. The Aquila does not require a power source in the bathroom - all the power comes from the hand controller unit with built in rechargeable battery which can be charged up and used safely in the bathroom.

Supportive Backrest With Auto-Controlled Recline

The angle of the backrest can be adjusted at the touch of a button to make you comfortable in the water.
  • Ideal for users stiff hips or spinal problems such as sciliosos or kyphosis.
  • Improves hygiene access for users with large abdomens or stomas.


The Aquila has a higher than average back and headrest providing superb support and comfort.
  • This increases shoulder, neck and head support.
  • This also avoids additional costs of headrests.
The compact design of the Aquila allows it to be positioned closer to the end of the bath, providing as much leg room as possible enabling you to stretch out in the bath and making sure your legs are not cramped up.
  • This allows good bathing space even when fully reclined.
  • The design of the bath lift frees up generous space for transfers on and off the lift.
  • The low seat design provides excellent immersion under the bubbles!


The Aquila Is Easy To Move and Handle

The Aquila bath lift can be folded flat for easy space-saving storage. Weighing only 10kg, the Aquila can be placed in the bath and taken out with ease when necessary.
  • The Aquila's compact design can be carried against the body or under the arm making sure you can see where you are walking when handling the bath lift.
  • When folded, the Aquila can be stored easily, even in the smallest bathrooms or cupboards.


Hygienic And Easy To Clean

The Aquila bath lift has a unique design. As the base frame is open, the bath lift can be raised to clean bath surfaces with ease. There are also limited cracks and crevices which makes cleaning easy, without having to struggle to scrub in between ridges and joints that can often be tricky to get to.
  • The unique design allow easy access for cleaning bath surfaces.
  • Dirt and used water are not trapped.
  • The Aquila is simply a very easy to clean bath lift.
The Aquila has a silver-based antimicrobial solution embedded which protects against harmful bacteria and bathroom mould.

Safe And Easy To Use

The Aquila has 4 large, pivoting suction feet. This makes sure that the suction pads that keep the bath lift in place can be positioned to give excellent grip and stability, and enabling the Aquila to fit in 99% of bath shapes.
  • The suction grips provide a stable fit, even on curved bath surfaces.
  • As the angle of the suction pads is adjustable, the bath lift can be positioned far back in the bath, which ensures that you have the maximum leg room available - perfect for stretching out during a long soak!


Slim-line Hand Control With Large Easy-To-Press Buttons

The Aquila's hand controller can be held in one hand and the large buttons ensure that users with limited mobility in their fingers can use the controller button with ease. The controller buttons can be operated using fingers or thumbs, or even with a closed grip or with the base of the palm. It can be held and operated in one hand. As the buttons have a large surface and are "rocker buttons" they can easily be operated by users with limited dexterity or visual impairment.
There is battery level indicator on the controller unit as well as a Stop Descent feature
  • The controller unit will not lower the user when there is not enough battery power to raise the user back out.
  • The battery level indicator lets you know when charging is required.


  • Overall height: 676mm (261/2").
  • Seat Width: 360mm (141/4").
  • Seat height up: 440mm (171/3").
  • Seat height down: 75mm (3").
  • Weight (excl. battery) 9.6kg (21.1 lbs).
  • Seat base weight: 6kg (13.2 lbs).
  • Backrest weight: 3.6kg (7.9lbs).
  • Angle of recline: 35 degrees.
  • Width of seat (including flaps fully extended): 712mm

Weight Limit

140kg (22st)

Warranty - Frame = 5 year warranty; Consumables = 2 years; Battery = 1 year

Returns Policy

Please note, Pearce Bros Mobility is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene for all of its products and for this reason the Aquila Reclining Bath Lift is non-refundable and non-returnable on the grounds of hygiene.


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