Limited Contact Stairlift Installation

To those who prefer we are offering a “virtual sales call” – (no visit) and “no family contact” installation process.

Call us to discuss this 01454 323147

Details of how this process works can be found below:

“Virtual Sales Call”


  1. The customer takes photos (taken at a distance preferred) of
    • Each flight of the stairway
    • The upper and lower landing areas (showing adjacent hallways, doorways, obstructions)
  2. Email the photo OR describe the stairway to us and we will email you a diagram to verify
  3. We discuss all the options and give you a firm price for your preferred option
  4. We will mail you the proposal, brochure, links to videos, warranty information etc.
  5. We will discuss this with you and any other family members
  6. If you go ahead you give us a deposit and we schedule the install
  7. For a custom curved lift, we will need to come and measure – but you do not need to be present

“No Family Contact”

Installation Process

  1. We call you when we are at your front door
  2. You unlock the door, but do not need to further greet the installer or be present for the installation. You can go to another part of the home
  3. He will do an exact stairway measurement, cut any rail outside, and install the lift
  4. After it is installed, he will clean up the area, wipe the lift with disinfectant, and he will call you to say he is leaving. He will leave an operating manual
  5. Final payment can be left for him or done over the phone
  6. We will walk you through usage instructions and any questions on the phone

Our guarantee:  If the installer determines on his visit that something was missed in the photos and we cannot install the lift then you will receive a full refund of any deposit made.