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Wheelchairs combine to pull 128 tonne airplane

A group of 98 wheelchairs were strapped together in order to pull a 128 tonne Boeing 787, setting a new Guinness World Record.  The previous record was held by a team from Belgium, who managed to pull a 67 tonne plane.

The event took place at Heathrow airport and featured staff from across the airport, some of whom were not wheelchair users themselves.

Over £15,000 was raised for the charity Wheels4Wings during the day.  The charity focuses on helping people with disabilities learn to fly.

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Autochair vehicle adaptations and mobility driving aids since 1983

Born from one man's desire for greater independence, Autochair is a world leading supplier and manufacturer of vehicle adaptation products which have been making a difference to the lives of tens of thousands of people for more than 30-years. It is our ambition to make car travel easy and accessible to all – whether as a driver or a passenger.

Our product categories include lifts and hoists for the loading and stowage of mobility scooters and wheelchairs, driving accessobility aids to make it easier to control your vehicle, and car adaptations to make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle.  Just talk to our friendly sales team and they will talk you through the options.


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Sunrise officially unveils six new powerchairs in ‘unprecedented launch’

Sunrise Medical has officially lifted the veil on its new Q-series powerchair range, which stands as one of the company’s largest-ever launches and is unprecedented in terms of its launch strategy and how many units have already been shifted.

The new Q-series comprises of six powerchairs from the very low end to the very high end and as well as improving on current models, consolidates Sunrise’s powerchair portfolio and makes its range easier for dealers and end-users to understand.

At two recent special launch events for its current dealer network, Sunrise showcased the Q500 and Q700 from the Q-series, which will be followed by dedicated events for some of the other Q-series models now available.

The new powerchairs, ranging from the Q100 all the way to the Q700, are based on previous models but have been painstakingly tweaked and upgraded.

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Reinventing the Wheel for a Smother Ride

A vibration reducing wheel with integral suspension. Loopwheels minimise vibration, reduce fatigue and pain and give you a smoother rise – allowing you to travel further and longer.

Loopwheels for wheelchairs help people push over uneven streets, rough tracks and gravel paths, with less effort, and the carbon springs give you extra power to get up or down kerbs. They reduce jolting and vibration, by as much as two thirds compared with a spoked wheel. Our customers tell us this helps them manage pain.

With standard quick release axles, a choice between 12mm or ½ inch bearings and available in 24″ and 25″ sizes, loopwheels fit most manual wheelchairs.

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NHS Amnesty For Mobility Aids

The NHS has called for an amnesty on mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walking aids and rehab equipment that patients have sitting around unused in their homes.

It is hoped that by encouraging patients to return equipment, that is no longer being used, the NHS will be able to reuse much of the equipment in an environmentally friendly way.  Reusing equipment will also help to save the NHS thousands of pounds of taxpayers money, with one local trust having saved £25,000 last year by getting patients to return equipment.

Key figures within the NHS have also called for the system of returning mobility equipment to be made simpler for people.

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Karma's New VIP2 Folding Chair

Karma Medical launched several new products at the recent Trade Days Exhibition at the NEC.  They revealed multiple new wheelchairs, which are soon to hit the market, they included the Ergo 115 Tall, 125 Tall and the Star 2 Wheelchair.

One of their newest products is the VIP2 folding chair, which features tilt-in-space design including a new headrest and new recline feature.  The VIP2 has refined the movement of the chair and body in order to reduce feeling of sliding for the user  This latest design was very popular with trade buyers at the show.

To find out more about the VIP2 folding chair read this article by Access & Mobility Professionals

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Rib Cap Protective Headwear


Why? Protect your head and keep your style!

When? All kinds of activities associated with min risk! Outdoor fun & play.

Who? Men, women & kids who like outdoor & fashion, active people, safety conscious.

There are 64,000,000 mild head injuries each year. 75% are from falling, head bumps, incidental head bumps and accidents related to minimal risk activities

The protectors which are sewn into the Ribcap protect the head against scratches, abrasions and cooling.

Many of our customers also use it daily as it is both comfortable and stylish.

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Karma Medical New Robotic Chair

Karma Medical have unveiled the latest addition to their range, a wheelchair that follows the user around and transforms into a fully electric wheelchair that will transport the user home.

The iBuddy can be controlled either via a mobile phone or a wrist band worn by the user.

It is hoped that the iBuddy, by Karma Medical, will be available in the near future.  To find out more about this exciting new product read the article by Access & Mobility Professionals below.

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Highlights From Trade Days Exhibition

Trade Days show at the NEC BIrmingham has been bigger and better than ever, with all of the latest products showcased.  All of the leading suppliers were represented and here are the top 5 stands/products from the show:

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Stand - all of the latest tech on offer, and some great deals for suppliers

Cavendish Healthcare SupaChair - this chair allows both the user and attendant to control whilst remaining lightweight

Classic Canes - over 40 new designs were launched including hand painted designs by local artists

Flexel UK Ltd - the Mobilex range of rollators are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users

Freerider UK Ltd - the Land Ranger HD class 3 scooter, high spec with a low cost

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Is Compulsory Insurance For Mobility Scooters A Good Thing?

With recent news articles highlighting the potential impact of not having your scooter insured we have been exploring the potential pros and cons of mobility scooter insurance. When choosing insurance for your mobility scooter it is important to choose the correct insurer and the right level of cover.  Below is an article, by Access & Mobility Professional, which looks at why insuring your scooter is important.

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Rehacare 2018 Showcases Top 5 Pieces of Mobility Equipment

Rehacare 2018 took place in Dusseldorf in September showcasing some of latest ranges of mobility equipment to hit the market.  The top five pieces of mobility equipment on show were

  • Trilift - a taillift that attaches to the tow bar of your car to allow transport of mobility scooters and wheelchairs
  • Matrix Fourth Generation - a unique seating cushion
  • eFOLDi - a foldable electric scooter which folds down to the size of a suitcase
  • iBUDDY - a self driving mobility aid
  • Trigo Push Bar - a steering device

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