Permobil Koala Miniflex

Permobil Koala Miniflex


A child who cannot walk is still a bundle of energy. That was at the back of our minds when we developed Koala. The idea was to design an electric wheelchair which would be almost as live a wire as its small driver....

And if we may judge from the many squeals of pleasure we have heard, our aim has succeeded. Koala has become a freedom machine for children from two years upwards.

The Koala is the ideal wheelchair for children from toddlers to young teen-agers. It is fitted with the same robust motors and front wheel drive system as Permobil wheelchairs for adults but adapted to the needs of children.

The Miniflex seating system is for growing children with special seating needs. There is a choice of three sizes and different body supports. Possible options include the fitting of a seating orthosis. Even combined with the adult chassis, the Miniflex seating system can be easily exchanged for an adult seating system once the child has grown out of the Miniflex seating system.


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