Puma 20

Puma 20

Powered Wheelchair

Enjoy simply good driving - indoors and out.

Looking for a powered wheelchair that takes you comfortably wherever you want to go. And offers you all the essential functions you need for an active lifestyle. Then our Puma 20 power chair is just right for you. Robust, practical and affordable. This electric wheelchair offers simply good driving. And many optional extras. Rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive? It’s up to you!

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Maximum independence for an active life
Designed for intensive use, Puma 20 delivers the best driving performance in its class. Naturally, it’s easy to drive this power wheelchair with your choice of electronics. Enjoy a smooth and stable ride thanks to the robust base, good suspension and comfort seating. And choose a higher top speed for more freedom outdoors. High manoeuvrability coupled with a compact design make for great use in and around the house.

All the essentials you need… and more
Truly modular in design, Puma 20 offers you the flexibility to easily ‘upgrade’ your chair to suit your personal needs. Combine the robust Sedeo Lite seat frame with  your choice of high-quality Sedeo seat cushion, backrest, armrests and legrests. And choose electrical 25° seat tilt adjustment and lights for enhanced seating comfort and safety.

Distinguishing design for pleasant and carefree driving
Sunrise Medical has a reputation for quality and safety. Don’t expect anything less from your Puma 20. Our uncompromising approach to performance, comfort and ease of use has resulted in a technically smart, modular design with lots of possibilities. While creating a highly functional and durable electric wheelchair, however, we’ve certainly not overlooked the importance of aesthetics. Enjoy comfortable and safe driving in style!

Rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive?
Our Puma 20 power chair is available in a rear- and front-wheel drive version. Choose front-wheel drive for even more indoor manoeuvrability. Rear-wheel drive ensures maximum outdoor performance. Changing needs? Your Puma 20 can be easily converted from rear- to front-wheel drive or vice versa!

Seat Width: 400 - 510 mm
Seat Height: >405 mm
Seat Depth: 420 - 500 mm
Backrest Height: 480 mm
Armrest Height: 170 - 290 mm
Overall Width: 610 / 640 mm
Overall Length: 1095 mm (RWD); 1160 mm (FWD)
Frame: -
Speed: 6 / 10 km/h
Battery Size: 40 / 50 /60 / 78 Ah
Max. Range: 25 - 42.5 km
Seat Tilt: 25°
Back Recline: 30°
Turning Radius: >850 mm (RWD); >600 mm (FWD
Max. Safe Slope: 8° (RWD); 6° (FWD)
Max Kerb Climb: 80 (100) mm (RWD); 60 mm (FWD)
Electronics: VR2, R-net
Min. Wheelchair Weight: 78 kg
Max. User Weight: 136 kg
Colours: Anthracite grey