Salsa M2 Mini Red Line

Salsa M2 Mini Red Line

Salsa M2 Mini Red Line Mid-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

Pure speed. Pure agility. Pure style. Pure luxury.

With its slim base of just 52cm, the Salsa M2 Mini Red Line is the narrowest high-performance mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair in the world. Red line the speed gauge with high-torque 10kph motors.

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Pure agility

Access all areas with a super slim 52cm base, the Salsa M2 Mini Red Line is the narrowest mid-wheel drive performance powered wheelchair in the world! Easily navigate shops, restaurants and home environments and access through floor lifts and hoists where other powered wheelchairs might be too heavy, plus get in the driving seat with easy access to Wheelchair Adaptive Vehicle (WAVs).

Pure outdoor performance

Incorporating highly-advanced proven technology that's finely engineered for outdoor performance. 10kph motors make easy work of slopes of up to 8° and kerbs of up to 3", whilst integrated Gyroscopic technology works like traction control, keeping you on the straight and narrow by auto-correcting any deviations on gradients.

Pure speed

Red line the speed gauge with 10kph motors and traction control technology ensuring you are always in control.

Pure style & luxury

The beautifully designed matt black chassis and base are perfectly complemented by red trim on the upholstery, springs and decals. Style and comfort are perfectly intertwined with luxurious top of the range JAY Comfort seating.

Seat Width: 410 - 510 mm
Seat Height: 410 - 510 mm
Overall Width: 520 mm
Overall Length: 1120 mm
Speed: 10 kph
Battery Size: 36Ah
Turning Diameter: 700 mm
Max Safe Slope:
Max Range: 23km
Max Kerb Climb: 70mm
Max Wheelchair Weight: 97kg
Max User Weight: 140kg
Colours: Matt Black