Permobil C350

Permobil C350


Here you have the perfect combination of cheeky design and rugged strength. Permobil have created a new generation of seats for the compact combi-chassis C300 and C350. With C350 TS you get a quick and powerful rear-wheel drive wheelchair combined with the sporty and functional.

It is an economic Permobil but still with our usual safety and functionality. The simple concept behind the TS seat is its beautifully elegant shape. The seat frame has an integral Uni-Track rail for adjusting seat depth and arm rest height. The rail also makes it easy to adjust the position of any supports.



If simplicity and flexibility are more important than lots of seat functions, the C350 PS is the chair to watch out for.  This model is one of the most compact chairs, which is even more sensitive and lightweight. The PS seat spells quality right down to the smallest detail and is designed to change and adjust as you change.

Adjustability and versatility define the PS. The telescoping frame and expanding seat pan allow for a full range of growth. The PS is constructed of a durable tubular material, designed to support after-market seating options. The adjustability is unmatched, 5 degrees at the footplate, armrests that fip up and out of the way, and footplate hangers that swing away or inside.

As in all the seats it has a wide range of accessories to choose from. C350 PS is a rugged real-wheel drive chair which thrives in urban environments and wherever accessibility and flexibility are required.



One of the most compact wheelchairs. Easy to drive, flexible and quick. The rear wheel drive also gives great driving performance at higher speeds outdoors. C350 Corpus has two electronic motor alternatives and the top speed is a respectable 10 km/h.

The Corpus seating system allows you to recline and even elevate the seat a full eight inches. Customization of the Corpus seating system is almost limitless with depth, width, height and angle of multiple seat components being easily adjustable.

The modular construction of the Corpus seat includes facilities for far-reaching special adaptations for your very own needs. The renowned ergonomic design is included as a matter of course.


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