Permobil C400 Corpus

Permobil C400 Corpus


The C400 chassis is the heart of this chair, which many consider the most perfect example of a combi-chair. C400 stands for choice, usability, individual adaptation and quality. The Corpus seat is the ultimate seat for combination with the C400, as the facilities for powered functions, adaptation and options are so many. Compactly flexible for excellent performance indoors together with powerful motors and individual suspension for comfortable and reliable use outdoors.

The C400 combines innovative design, styling and advanced engineering concepts. The C400 maintains a small profile but combines indoor manoeuvrability with superior outdoor performance.Ergonomically pleasing with power tilt and recline, customization of the Corpus is practically unlimited.

Together with the R-net control system and the integral ICS seat control system, the C400 really lives up to its name as “the complete combi-chair”.


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