Permobil C400 VS

Permobil C400 VS


This seat, based on our acclaimed Corpus seat, gives a whole new outlook on existence. To be able to stand up at the touch of a button naturally gives you new opportunities in everyday life. Truly, a chair with a view.

C400 VS uses advanced technology to give you this facility. And if you weigh less than 70 kg, the chair can even be operated in standing position. Using R-net and ICS, the chair can be programmed to rise from any position at a single press of a button. A second press will return it to any of your pre-programmed favourite positions. C400 VS takes you to a completely new level. Standing up.

The C400 VS redefines the way standing is incorporated into a child's daily routine and allow the user to drive while in a standing position. Standing can be achieved from either a sitting or a horizontal position, enabling the child to move throughout the day and remain comfortable. Designed specifically for children, the C400 VS features a front-wheel drive base and a rugged suspension system.The small footprint of the C400 VS combines manoeuvrability with advanced obstacle climbing ability. On top of which, the modular design of the Corpus seat ensures optimal fit with room for growth.

With the C400 VS every child can be top of the class.


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