Permobil K450 MX

Permobil K450 MX

K450 MX
A bigger advantage for smaller people

The K450 is the best child’s chair Permobil have ever produced, and at the same time offers an exciting new alternative for small-sized adults. Innovation and fresh ideas have yielded the K450’s excellent driving qualities and intuitive user-friendliness.

With the R-net electronic system and ICS (intelligent Control System), all its functions are programmable and linked to simple press-button controls. The unique seat can take you from a raised level of 700 mm down to floor level in a few seconds. With rear-wheel drive and an individual suspension system, it is simply fun to drive. It is for users weighing up to 60 kg, and the seat can be adjusted incrementally from 240 to 400 mm, so the K450 is the perfect wheelchair to grow up with.

R-net/ICS - The R-net control system and Intelligent Control System, ICS, are included as standard. Intelligent Control System allows pre-programming of several different seat positions possible, for selection with a single push of a button.

Unique seat system - The K450 is equipped with a new unique seat system that rapidly takes you from the highest position down to the floor. As the seat goes right down to the floor, getting in and out is made easier.

Integrated UniTrack rail - The seat frame has an integrated UniTrack rail as standard, which provides access to our (entire) new wide range of accessories.

Flexible seat height - The electrically-controlled seat lift makes it easy to variably raise/lower the seat to ensure a comfortable height at tables, counters, etc.

Adjustable suspension - Individual adjustable suspension on all four wheels ensures gentle, comfortable movement.


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