Permobil Seating Systems

Permobil Seating Systems

A seat for every need

Each and every one of Permobil seats has a set of unique properties and functions.
They combine support and relief with adaptability and electronic functions to meet varying medical requirements. From robust PS seats to the unrivalled comfort of Corpus, to RS seats that bring a new dimension to adaptability, or the advanced VS stand-up seat. What they all have in common is an uncompromising approach to comfort and quality. Whichever seat fits your requirements and needs, you can be completely confident that it embodies the qualities which have made Permobil world leaders.



The unique MX seat can take you from an up-right position at 700 mm down to the floor level in a few seconds. The K450 is for users weighing up to 60 kg, and the seat can be adjusted from 240-400 mm, perfect for growing children. With the R-net electronic system and ICS (intelligent Control System), all of its functions are programmable and linked to simple press-button controls.


TSTension Seat

The TS seat is an economic seat but still with our usual safety and functionality. The simple concept behind the TS seat is its beautifully elegant shape. The seat frame has an integral Uni-Track rail for adjusting seat depth and arm rest height. The rail also makes it easy to adjust the position of any supports.


PS Junior

The seat base has total flexibility and expands with its owner. Arm and foot rests are easy to swing aside in several directions. The chair is fitted with the latest electronic systems and is compatible with the new Uni-Track accessories system.


Corpus Seating
Nobody Does it Better.

The Corpus seating system’s modular design enhances functionality through changes in sizing and power functions.  It was designed by one of the leading ergonomic experts in the world to match the natural contours of the human body.   The customization of the Corpus seating system is limitless; depth, width, height, and angle of multiple seat components can be adjusted or customized.  


PS Positioning System
Adjustable and Versatile.

The power of adjustability and versatility defines the PS system. The sliding, telescoping frame and expanding seat pan allow for full range of inherent growth. The PS is constructed of a super durable tubular material, designed to support aftermarket seating options.


Empowerment Rules.

The new VS Stander gives the user infinite positions to choose from including sitting to standing, or standing from partially or fully reclined positions. The Stander uses the ingenious Corpus seating system with the critical benefits of standing, and driving while standing.

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