Permobil Street Corpus

Permobil Street Corpus


With its rear wheel drive, our fastest motors and a rugged, modern design, Street is ready and equipped to take on life in the city. Street Corpus has been fitted with a new type of column lift which raises the seat a full 25 cm.  The ergonomics of the Corpus seat guarantee a comfortable and restful position, and can be fitted with all supplementary functions including the Uni-Track accessories system

Street has a robust chassis which has no problem negotiating narrow gaps. The rear wheel drive means that the chair maintains its impressive driving performance even at high speed, reaching an impressive maximum of 12 km/hr.

Adjustable suspension -  Adjustable suspension, with individual regulation of all four wheels, gives a smooth and comfortable ride.

Ergonomic design - High-level ergonomic design makes Corpus very restful and pleasant to sit in. The seat has been developed in cooperation with world leaders in ergonomics.

Rear wheel drive - Rear wheel drive gives the chair excellent manoeuvrability.

Powerful motors - Powerful motors allow a maximum speed of up to 12 km/hr.


If you have any questions at all regarding the Permobil Street Corpus or would like to book an appointment to be assessed please do not hesitate to contact us on our FREEPHONE number  0800 5420210

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