Permobil X850

Permobil X850


 Don’t go thinking X850 is just an ordinary wheelchair. Far more than that, it is a powerful vehicle for cross-country runs as well as roads, developed and built as the ideal outdoor chair. It has a sturdy construction, efficient rear-wheel drive and ESP (Electronic Steering System), and a very robust suspension system combined with the versatile Corpus seat to take you anywhere you want to go, far beyond the beaten track.

As an extra option, X850 is available with an adjustable wheelbase (Extender) for even more flexible driving qualities. Besides, X850 has plenty of power for speed, topping out at almost 15km/h. This chair is really designed to push the limits.



 From top to tyres, X850 is a truly robust, hard-wearing chair developed for the outdoor environment and demanding terrain. The CS seat is a real value-for-money alternative with features including a manually adjustable back-support angle. The seat can also be fitted with manual or electric seat rotation in both directions, making getting in and out that much easier.


Cool, compact to give you freedom.

 Everything possible is possible. The same could be said of the X850 Miniflex. However, it should also be pointed out that we have found even what is impossible becomes possible. Although we can’t necessarily take the credit, rather it is the children, always on a journey of discover, who use the chair in new, unexpected ways… It has to be seen to be understood. Many parents talk about their children suddenly inventing a new game, or playing hide-and-seek on a steep and tricky hill or beating their friend who is on a mountain bike… 

The X850 Miniflex is, in other words, a robust, practical chair. It is designed for a tough, outdoor life. Where other chairs must turn back, the X850 Miniflex continues through forest and over ground. Even when the ground is flat, the X850 Miniflex is something extra. Not least because it is almost twice as fast as most other chairs. Being able to move at almost 15 kilometres an hour is both practical and fun. Now you can hang out with your friends on bikes, skateboards or whatever is planned for the day!
As it’s a Permobil, you’re safe as well. This is guaranteed, among other things, by four individual suspension systems and the ability to adjust the wheel base.


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