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The Health Benefits of Standing

Effectively enhances blood circulation and preserves physical health. Reduces muscular fibrosis and arthrofibrosis. Enhances physical circulation by improving heart and lung functions and promotes gastrointestinal movement. Lowers the risk of heart disease and improves circulation, urinary health, bowel function, and bone density

Biomechanical Positioning

Because it is not always easy to adapt to a new living situation, the Evo Altus is designed with various biomechanic positioning functions to help the user with the transition. It includes power tilt, power recline, power elevating seat and power stand up. The seat will traverse with the body, thereby reducing the sheer force to a minimum and most importantly, keeping all the supports in the correct alignment with the body.

Compact yet Powerful

The EVO Altus has a low seat-to-floor height and a battery capacity up to 80 AH. The compact design and powerful battery put no restrictions on the seat positioning. This ensures easy access to the steering wheel when driving a car or van, expanding the transportation options.


This function allows the user to go from a sitting position to a standing position. This is the most natural way to stand up and does not take a lot of time and space. Users who have a normal range of joint motion as well as healthy blood circulation, will find this mode best suits their needs.

45° lay-to-Stand

This function allows the user to go from a 45-degree recline to a standing position. This is useful for those who have a limited range of joint motion. Instead trying to sit up straight to stand up, the user can use the recline function and then go from a reclined position to a standing position.


This function allows the user to go from a supine position to a standing position. Standing from the supine position requires the least amount of body and joint movements. This function not only prevents lateral supports from being mispositioned but also gives users with intense postural hypotension the opportunity to stand like everyone else.

Excellent Outdoor Performance

The chair has three driving speed: 4/6/8mph. In conjunction with the chassis’ proven hydraulic independent suspension system, maximizes the comfort and quality of the ride.

Easy to Configure

Small adjustments can mean huge improvements for the user’s well-being. When developing the EVO Altus, the primary focus was improving the ease of adjustment and maintenance. For example, service technicians can extend the seat depth without adding any additional components, such as linkage bars.

R-Net Control

The R-Net-control system comes standard with the EVO Altus. Operate many electrical functions of the chair using the joystick. This system also serves as a platform for a wide variety of specialized steering controls such as chin control, head control and switch control. It even has the ability to operate infrared and Bluetooth devices using the joystick with R-Net controls. The things you can do with R-Net control are endless.

Crash Test Approved

The EVO Altus is approved for transportation in accordance with ISO 7176-19. This means it is suitable to be used as a seat in a motor vehicle for transportation.

Need assistance?

Finding the right mobility products can sometimes be a time-consuming and daunting task – we are here to simplify the process.

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We are proud to offer a free engineered delivery service as standard on all our scooters. It’s essential that your scooter is set up correctly and you’re comfortable with the controls. And that is exactly what our delivery experts are for. They’ll help you unpack everything and get you going, to give that peace of mind – all at absolutely no extra cost!

Keeping you informed

With our engineered delivery, after you order, we will keep you updated while your order is being prepared and, once everything is ready, we will telephone you to arrange delivery. At this point, you will be asked some questions about access and timing.

On the day of delivery

On the day of your delivery, we will telephone you to advise you when to expect delivery. Once we arrive, if you’ve selected an engineered delivery, our delivery team will unpack your scooter and set it up for you. They will demonstrate how to operate it before leaving to ensure your complete peace of mind.

Engineered Delivery (FREE)

Our free full-service delivery service comes with all the assistance you need to get going

 Delivery within 12 – 15 days

 White glove delivery service

 They will unpack your scooter and set it up for you

 You’ll get a full demonstration on how to use

 Any packaging will be removed


If your product is faulty, we will offer a replacement product or provide you with a full refund. We will also pay for the return postage costs. If your product is faulty, you need to let us know as soon as possible to allow us to process your refund. For this reason, we advise all our customers to check their product as soon as it arrives.

If you change your mind, we are happy to offer a full refund if the item is returned to us in its original condition within 14 days of purchase. You are responsible for arranging for the item to be returned to us. Once we receive the item, we will provide you with a full refund.

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