Sunrise officially unveils six new powerchairs in ‘unprecedented launch’

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Sunrise Medical has officially lifted the veil on its new Q-series powerchair range, which stands as one of the company’s largest-ever launches and is unprecedented in terms of its launch strategy and how many units have already been shifted.

The new Q-series comprises of six powerchairs from the very low end to the very high end and as well as improving on current models, consolidates Sunrise’s powerchair portfolio and makes its range easier for dealers and end-users to understand.

At two recent special launch events for its current dealer network, Sunrise showcased the Q500 and Q700 from the Q-series, which will be followed by dedicated events for some of the other Q-series models now available.

The new powerchairs, ranging from the Q100 all the way to the Q700, are based on previous models but have been painstakingly tweaked and upgraded.

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