Flow Stairlifts

A world of mobility and freedom always at your call. The ability to move easily between the levels of your home with style. The freedom to perform your daily routine with ease. To live an active and independent lifestyle. Presenting: the Flow Stairlift.


Flow fits perfectly with the décor in your home and stands compact and ready to use.

You will have access to every floor at any time.

When not in use, the arms, seat and foot rest of Flow all fold away very simply. The main photograph shows Flow in its folded position. To maximize floor space at the top and bottom of your staircase, the Flow rail can be extended to park the lift around the corner, as can be seen from the photographs. All of these features combine to make Flow a discreet addition to your home.


The unique versatility of Flow helps you get on and off the chair. Flow is available with either a manual or automatic power swivel option.

Where staircase width is a challenge, the ‘Advanced Ride Monitoring System’ of the powered swivel feature turns the chair and footrest to travel past the narrowest staircase sections. This is an exclusive feature of Flow and ensures that Flow is flexible on staircases as narrow as 61cm.


The Flow rail: Engineering & Design Excellence. The Flow chair rides on a single rail system on either side of your staircase.

The rail has been specially designed to stay very close to the edge of your staircase to maximize free space, as can be seen in the main image. The rail is only 8cm in diameter and four rail colours are available to ensure a pleasing match to your décor.

The special ‘drop nose’ rail option is an added space saving feature if there should be an obstruction such as a door at the foot of your stairs. Whether the stairs have multiple landings or unusual shapes, Flow can be custom-crafted to fit virtually any staircase shape.

Choice of Controls

Option 1

Arm mounted joystick (standard).

Option 2

Arm mounted joystick (standard).

Option 3

Arm mounted joystick (standard).

Option 4

Ergonomic rocker switch (optional).

Special Features

Wall mounted call and send controls deliver Flow to you by remote control

The comfort and added security of wrap-around arms

Effortless fold away in 1 easy step

Vinyl Upholstery







Fabric Upholstery





Rail Colours





Need More Information? Watch the video below or click to download the full Flow Stairlift Brochure.


People who are registered with a disability can buy products without VAT

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