Otolift Air Stairlift

The Otolift Air has become a customer favourite due to its modern design and advanced technology. The ground breaking technology ensures that you experience the proven comfort and certified safety.  The Otolift lends itself perfectly for installation along the steep, narrow side of your stairs.  Possibly, allowing your hand rail to stay in place and leaving the wide side free to walk up the stairs.  The thin Otolift rail, is unobtrusive, therefore making little impact to the space on your staircase.

High Quality

More than 160,000 customers have already made the move to an Otolift stairlift to improve their everyday life.  Otolift customers enjoy excellent service and the freedom to live their lives the way that they are used to, even if mobility is restricted by a staircase.

True Innovation

After extensive research we have developed a rail that is prestigious: the thinnest single rail in the world is now exclusively available for the Otolift Air.  A single slim rail that is guided low alongside the stairs: everything fits harmoniously into your home environment.

Automatic Folding Footrest

Equipped with an automatically folding footrest as standard.  This way you do not need to bend down to fold the footrest.

Automated Swivel Seat

Equipped with an automated folding swivel seat, for a smooth ride and ensures you are able to get on and off safely. (Optional)

Reverse Drive Technology

Travelling backwards is also an option, providing more seating comfort.  Also this prevents you from hitting walls or hand rails with your knees. (Optional)

Key Features of the Otolift Air Stairlift

  •  Compact, comfortable & visually pleasing design.
  •  Unobtrusive single tube rail, positioned low on the stairs, minimising the appearance of the rail.
  •  Smooth ride.
  •  Negotiate steep and narrow staircases, ensuring a comfortable ride with maximum knee clearance.
  •  Takes up a minimum of space, leaving room on the stairs for other users.
  •  Powered Folding Footrest is standard on the Otolift AIR Stairlift.
  •  Battery operated, so the stairlift can still be operated during a power cut.
  •  Light touch controls require very little effort to operate the lift.
  •  All round safety system will stop the stair lift automatically if anything is trapped or it encounters any obstacles.

New Form of Elegance

The Otolift Air; influenced by modern design, not imposing, but respecting the environment in an elegant and modest way.  The unique single rail appears delicate, but can still offer the flexibility and durability offered by other stairlifts on the market.  Elegance and technology are a perfect combination within this system.

Intuitive And Easy To Use


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