Otolift Two

The first thing you notice about the TWO, is how little space it occupies. The stairlift is compact but very soundly constructed. The Otolift TWO is definitely a stairlift with charm. The subtle, timeless design combines extremely well with any interior.

You can still use the stairs

When designing the TWO, Otolift did everything possible to make the rail and the chair as compact as possible. The results are clear: The tubes are slim and they can be mounted very close to the wall. The chair is as compact as it is comfortable. As a result, everyone is able to use your stairs with ease.

Advantages of the TWO

  • Maximises space on the stairs for non stairlift users
  • Strong, safe and reliable build quality
  • Blends in with any interior
  • Tight bends possible, thereby minimising space loss

Super-slim design

The TWO is distinctive for its very slim tubes. Often these are mounted very close to the wall or banister so that the rail blends in beautifully with the interior and is hardly noticeable at all.

Good with bends

Are your stairs narrow? Then you will be pleasantly surprised how well the Otolift TWO runs along the curve. Even at the sharpest bends, the TWO ascends and descends in a single flowing motion. The construction is also extremely sound. So that going up or going down, you always feel perfectly safe.

Intuitive and Easy To Use

Bring the chair towards you using the wireless remote control.

Simply unfold the chair.

Sit down comfortably.

The chair starts moving smoothly and quietly.

The chair automatically stops when it reaches the end of its journey at the top or bottom of the stairs.

After use the chair can be easily folded away until its next use.


People who are registered with a disability can buy products without VAT

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