Invacare Action 3 Transit standard

Invacare Action 3 Transit standard

A recent addition to the Invacare range - the revolutionary Action 3. A complete re-make of the Action 2, it is more versatile and can be tailored for all different types of users. With an aluminium frame and increased weight capacity over the Action 2 (to 125kg) it is suited to the more demanding applications. Improved design and manufacturing techniques have also produced a more durable and ridged frame.

Total weight, with all detachables removed is around 9kg. A wide variety of other accessories, such as anti tip devices and reclining backs, are also available. It is also comes in a range of attractive colours: pearl grey, dark red, sapphire blue and anthracite black.

Features 3 different rear bracket positions: standard, active or amputee. It offers 15 different rear wheel positions A large max user weight of 125kg Overall width is seat width 19cm, so you can fit through even small gaps. A very strong ridgid frame when unfolded An increased driving performance overall Seating position can be adjusted from 0 degrees, 3 degrees and 6 degrees to obtain a correct seating position.

Adjustable seat height from 38.5cm to 51cm allows the chair to be set up just for your needs. The backrest can either be 0 degrees or 7 degrees depending on how you wish to be seated. 24cm standard height of armrest, both long and short available. (Desk arm or full length arm) Flip up armrest makes it easier to side transfer in and out of the chair. The footrests both have a quick release mechanism, it can be manoeuvred left, right and to the front. It is very stable and durable. Interchangeable footrests allow easy fixing etc.


This Wheelchair is sold by prescription only, please click link below for prescription form :$File/Action%203%20Transit%20July%202011.pdf

Please click for brochure:$File/Action%203NG%20UK%201528014%2011-10.pdf

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