Loop Wheels

Shock absorbing suspension wheels for wheelchairs. For greater comfort and independence.

So you can go more places, more easily, more comfortably

Loopwheels are shock-absorbing wheels with integral suspension, designed speci cally for using with a wheelchair to make your day easier, more comfortable, and more fun.

Greater comfort

The integral suspension in loopwheels constantly adjusts to smooth out uneven terrain. In addition, the carbon composite springs absorb tiring vibration.

The result? Less jolting and less vibration mean loopwheels are more comfortable than standard wheels, whatever surface you’re travelling on.

loop wheels user comfortable on cobbles

Less effort

With loopwheels, you’ll find you require less effort to push over uneven pavements, cobbles, grass and gravel paths. It’s easier to get up curbs too.

Loopwheels are specially designed to cope with bumpy ground, as well as smoother surfaces.

loop wheels user freewheeling

More fun!

Loopwheels are ideal with hand bikes, front wheel attachments and other motorised aids. You’ll really appreciate the full benefits of loopwheel suspension when you’re travelling fast over rough ground!

And they look gorgeous too, of course.

loop wheels offroad usage

How does a Loopwheel work?

The loops in the wheel are springs that constantly adjust to changes in terrain and other external forces and jolts, keeping the rider suspended at the wheel hub. The hub makes small and larger movements within the rigid rim.

This provides a very smooth ride and is an efficient suspension system.

loop wheels diagram

What do you get in the box?

Two loopwheels, fitted with push rims; 6 spacers for any minor adjustments to your axles; fitting instructions and our one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Options at additional cost: tyres and tubes, quick release axles, silicon push rim covers, padded carry-bag for your wheels.

If you’ve ordered tyres and tubes from us, these will arrive ready fitted to your wheels.

pair of loop chair wheels
Product Specification Wheel sizes: 24" and 25".ETRTO number: 25-540 (24 x 1.00 inch), 25-559 (26 x 1.00 inch)Axle bearing: 0.5 inch (12.7mm) and 12mmPush rims: 6 rivnut fitting requiredRivnut centre measurement: 24" is 515mm; 25" is 539mmSpring/loop material: carbon composite with plastic sleeveRim: double-walled aluminium, blackBead Seat Diameter (BSD): 16mmHub: die-cast aluminium, anodised graphite grey Sealed cartridge bearingsBearing width at faces: 1.87”Weight 24” wheel: 1.8 kgWeight 25” wheel: 1.85 kg (without push rim, tyre or axle)Weight limit: 120kg (265 lb) per pair of wheelsRecommended tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Plus
loop chair wheels colour options
Colour Options Spring colours: black, red, purple, orange, green, blue, white.Logo colours: black, red, yellow, green, teal, light blue, pink, purple, grey.

Push rims

We offer a range of push rim options.

You can choose a wide (19mm) or narrow (11mm) distance between the wheel rim and your push rim, to suit the size of your hand and how you push.

Included with our standard Loopwheel is a black aluminium powder-coated push rim.

Alternatively you can choose from our range of top quality ergonomic brands such as CarboLife. Loopwheels have a standard 6 rivnut fitting and we’ll supply the rim fitted for you.

loop wheel push rims

Axle Pins

Loopwheels have standard axle bearings, just like all manual wheelchair wheels, so they can be easily swapped on and off.

Standard loopwheels use the most common,1⁄2 inch diameter bearing. We offer a 12mm too.

You can use your own quick release axle pin, or buy from us.

loop wheel axel pin

Multi Colour Options

You can choose a pair of loopwheels in any combination from our range of colours and logos, to your individual taste.

You can choose to alternate two or three colours for your own special customised look.

Our Harlequin wheel has six different coloured springs. (Our stockists find these useful demo wheels!)

loop wheel multi colour options