Your Easy Guide to Stairlifts

Your home is your home. Whether you’re looking at mobility solutions for yourself or for a loved one, at Pearce Brothers Mobility, our priority is to keep the user as relaxed and safe as possible within their own comfortable space.

Looking for a new house that is one-story or somewhere else to be can be costly and uncomfortable. Home is home, and compromised mobility shouldn’t do anything to change that. In this article, we’re going to be looking at different kinds and styles of stairlifts.

Finding the best stairlift should always mean finding the best solution for the specific user’s needs. At Pearce Brothers, we have many years of experience in fitting and servicing stairlifts, which is why we only offer and install the very best and most reliable products on the market.

Let’s look at the different types available:

Directional Differences


If the staircase you need fit with a stairlift is one straight shot from top to bottom, you’ll need a straight stairlift.

Additionally, straight stairlifts can be much less expensive than curved ones and can take less time from order to installation.

Don’t worry if your stairs are not one straight line, you might still be eligible for a straight stairlift. So long as there is ample room on the stair landing and the user has the strength and balance to transfer from one chair to another, you may consider installing two separate straight stairlifts, one for each section of the staircase.

Safety is always a priority, and we can help you evaluate if the user is going to be able to safely utilize this style. We will also work to see if this more budgeted version of this system is right for you and your home.


Depending on your staircase, you may require a stairlift that can travel around corners, up spiral staircases, or across intermediate flat landings. A curved stairlift eliminates the need for multiple straight stairlifts by providing a continuous solution that travels seamlessly from the bottom of a staircase to the top.

This fit is custom, and we offer a specially measured and ordered system for the user’s home and individual stairs. This custom-fit means that we can accommodate complicated designs like a spiral staircase or any other complex layout.

Pearce Brothers Models


Indoor At Pearce Brothers, we have several different variations of the stairlifts

We’re going to start by looking at the straight stairlifts. One of the most popular straight stairlifts is the Elan indoor straight.

The design offers a mix of high-quality standard functionality, unsurpassed reliability, and ease of use design. Made in the USA, the Bruno helps you stay in your home with comfort, ease, and dependability.

The Elan straight is very adaptable. There are multiple options for individual needs and can be made incredibly compact when the arms, footrest, and seat are folded. Additionally, it has a sleek appearance with a covered gear rack and a smooth ride.

One step up from Bruno Elan is the Elite indoor straight (30st Weight Capacity). This model combines quality comfort and style to create the highest quality of stairlift with the most stylized appearance.

This design offers the same customisation, luxury design, and even more sleek appearance. There are also eight colours and fabric combinations to make this a truly custom-fit experience.

Flow Stairlifts

Flow stairlifts specialize in fitting in with your existing decor and providing accessible and comfortable elegance to your stairlift experience. Flow is available with either a manual or automatic power swivel option.

Where staircase width is a challenge. The Advanced Ride monitoring system of the powered swivel feature turns the chair and footrest to travel past narrow staircase sections.

This makes the flow a great option for any staircase, including narrow ones which would otherwise have been judged not suitable for a Stairlift. Additionally, the end of the flow track can curve to fit the slight drop-off of straightaway staircases.

The Home Glide

The next model we’re going to look at is the Home Glide. The Home Glide combines several different features to make it one of the best options currently on the market.

The Home Glide is ergonomic, easy to use, and installed very quickly. The Home Glide is incredibly cost-effective while also being one of the easiest to use and most innovative models available. Because of its advanced technology, the home glide has a quick installation minimally disrupting the life of the user.

This stairlift is a great option for most users. For the design-conscious, the home Glide Extra provides a premium stairlift experience for those who want extensive options, luxury, and elegance.

With an extensive choice of fabric colours in compact dimensions, the home glide extra is a beautiful and discreet addition to any home. Also installed quickly and easily, the Home Glide Extra provides everything the home glide does, and then a little bit more.

Otolift Air Stairlift

This stairlift has become a customer favourite due to its modern design and advanced technology. This groundbreaking experience provides you comfort and certified safety.

This is a great lift for the steep and narrow side of your stairs. It allows your existing handrail to remain in place while still installing a comfortable and sleek stairlift. This provides the curve if your stairs do not have a landing or appropriate space for straight stairlifts.

The thin rail can even potentially make you forget that it’s there when not in use. With its automatic folding footrest, an automatic swivel seat, this chair is the pinnacle of technology.

There is also the second edition of this specific stairlift, which is a fantastic improvement on an already great product. The bends have somehow become even easier to navigate, and the slim design has become even slimmer.

Everything about this model was designed to be as sleek and compact as possible. This company truly believes that having a stairlift should not hinder the experience of your home or even of your stairs.

Platinum Stairlifts

Lastly, we offer the hand-built and completely custom Platinum Stairlift. This option is completely hand-built in the UK to the exact measurements of your staircase, with the chair and carriage being fully adjustable to your own size and body shape.

The Platinum is completely customisable for any twist or turn of your staircase. The compact design and floor-mounted rail mean that it takes up as little space as possible and doesn’t impact your home decoration or overall feel. The Platinum Stairlift is truly the top of the line for curved stairlifts.

In Conclusion

While there are so many options for different stairlifts, at Pearce Brothers Mobility, our goal is to help you find the right fit for you. We are here to help meet your needs and your budget and to settle on a style that will absolutely work for you.

choosing the right stairlift for you can be a daunting experience but we make it easy thanks to our expertise and customer support. Contact us today to find out more, we are here to help.

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